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Flash publication in Ink!


Great news: my genderfluid flash piece “Not Alone” will be part of Queer Sci Fi’s Ink anthology! This story was my 300-word entry for the yearly flash fiction contest that also gave us 2019’s Migration and 2020’s Innovation anthology. The release of Ink is planned on August 10, 2021, and by that time, Queer Sci Fi will be announcing honorable mentions (still proud of getting one last year!), judge’s picks, and three winners. Check out the full list of stories that will be published in the new anthology here – notice the names of friends L.S. Reinholt and Ava Kelly. Congratulations to these 120 writers!

While I’m here, an update on the Skulls & Spells Kickstarter. They took a great start and are now 58% funded. Let’s hope this keeps going! Their latest update talked about a secret stretch goal, so I can’t wait to see what Jinx and Jonas have in store. And, of course, I’m extra invested, as L.S. Reinholt and I have our story “The Bound Heart” in this book. If you like magical horror from queer creators, I’ll ask you once again to please consider supporting this Kickstarter.

Two more things on the topic of Kickstarters:

  • Alia Terra, the illustrated book of dragon fairy tales in English and Romanian, written by Ava Kelly and published by Atthis Arts, which I kept talking about in my previous posts, is fully funded and reached its stretch goal of becoming a fully illustrated book! I’m so happy we’ll get to see all the beautiful dragon art by Matt Spencer. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still preorder your copy via BackerKit through July. The Dragon of Ynys can also still be added to your order there!
  • Xenocultivars is a plant-themed speculative fiction anthology about queer growth from Speculatively Queer. I’d love to see this book happen, but with only 5 days to go they’re still a little under half funded, so they need all the help they can get. Check out their Kickstarter and their wonderful queer flag cactus stickers here!



Skulls & Spells

Skulls & Spells launched!

Cover of Skulls and Spells: an anthology of horrors by creators from the LGBTQI2SA+ community

Hello everyone!

The awesome cover above this text is that of the queer horror anthology Skulls & Spells, which will be published by Artemisia’s Axe and the Corpse’s Tongue later this year and which will contain the short story “The Bound Heart” written by L.S. Reinholt and me!

Today, the Kickstarter has launched to make this wonderful project happen. So if you’re into bright and thrilling horror stories with LGBTQI2SA+ representation, I definitely recommend checking out this link. There are ‘early bird’ rewards at a lower price, including patches, stickers, art prints and even an exclusive plushie! And of course you can pre-order the book itself, 150+ pages and in full colour – physical copies as well as pdf files. You can also use the Kickstarter to order your copy of Artemisia’s Axe’s previous anthology, Neon Horror, which ALSO includes a story by L.S. Reinholt and me! More details are, of course, found on the Kickstarter page itself.

To promote the anthology, L.S. Reinholt made the illustration below as a teaser for “The Bound Heart”, with colouring done by me. (CW: snake, human heart.)

The Bound Heart Promo Illustration

And on the topic of Kickstarters, I’d also like to direct your attention to the fact that there are only 52 hours to go in the Alia Terra Kickstarter! (To spare you the maths if you’re reading this message later, it will end on June 25 at 2:00 AM CEST.) This beautifully illustrated queer book of fairy tales WITH DRAGONS hasn’t quite reached the funding goal yet that is necessary to become a fully illustrated book, so every coin that’s added to their campaign helps!

I’m also having a lot of fun seeing all the wonderful comments to the blog tour for The Dragon of Ynys! Remember you can check this post to see where we are today; the posts marked with “guest post” contain little interviews with me, if you like that sort of thing!

Sending lots of love, good vibes, and magic!


the dragon of ynys

Time for the Tour!

And we’re off!

The Dragon of Ynys - Book Tour and Giveaway 6/14-7/14 - Silver Dagger Book Tours

The Silver Dagger Book Tour for The Dragon of Ynys has kicked off today with an excerpt from the book and an interview with me (including a baking recipe!) on the Silver Dagger website, and will keep moving to one or two new blogs every day until July 14. I’m very excited to see what will happen!

This is the full book tour schedule below! (Mind that Silver Dagger selected these blogs – I am not aware whether all of them only post content suitable for all ages all the time, so please tread carefully if necessary.)

Jun 14
kickoff at Silver Dagger Book Tours
A Pinch of Bookdust

Jun 15
Sadie’s Spotlight
4covert2overt ☼ A Place In The Spotlight ☼

Jun 16
#BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee Blog
❧Defining Ways❧

Jun 17
Lady Hawkeye

Jun 18
Writing Dreams
Books a Plenty Book Reviews

Jun 20
Don’t Judge, Read – GUEST POST

Jun 21
Girl with Pen
Inside the Insanity – GUEST POST

Jun 22
Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
Stormy Nights Reviewing & Bloggin’

Jun 23

Jun 24
Craving Lovely Books

Jun 25
Sapphyria’s Book Reviews

Jun 28
Midnight Book Reader

Jun 29
Cover Love Book Blog

Jun 30
Scrupulous Dreams

Jul 1
eBook Addicts

Jul 2
The Bookshelf Fairy

Jul 3
A Wonderful World of Words – GUEST POST

Jul 4
Westveil Publishing – REVIEW

Jul 5
The Book Dragon

Jul 6
Insane Books

Jul 7
Bayou Book Junkie
The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

Jul 8
Liliyana Shadowlyn – REVIEW
Musings From An Addicted Reader

Jul 9
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Jul 10
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Jul 12
Books all things paranormal and romance
Twisted Book Ramblings

Jul 13
Valerie Ullmer | Romance Author
The Faerie Review

Jul 14
Never Hollowed By The Stare
Teatime and Books

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Have fun!

Teaser image of "The Dragon of Ynys" ebook

the dragon of ynys

An Invitation to Join the Book Tour


Last month, IQARUS Book Con had a very fun Scavenger Hunt where I managed to win the first prize: a book tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours! That means my book will be touring from blog to blog, whether it be in the shape of reviews, spotlights, guest posts, or author interviews. This will take place from June 14 until July 14, 2021. During that time, there will also be a giveaway of an Amazon gift card via Silver Dagger.

Would you like your blog to be one of the stops of this book tour? You’d be most welcome! You can sign up to become part of the tour via this link. Thank you for supporting the dragon on his long flight!

The Dragon of Ynys - Book Tour and Giveaway 6/14-7/14 - Silver Dagger Book Tours

When going on an adventure like this, I am always ready to follow baker Juniper’s advice and bring my rolling pin. Especially now that there is an actual Dragon of Ynys rolling pin! This was an item in the Rainbow Crate Book Box for April. I still can’t believe my book has a fandom item! And even better: I got my own rolling pin in the mail, so now I can make The Dragon of Ynys biscuits!

Photo of Minerva holding up the rolling pin

To see the rolling pin among the other items from the April box, check out this post from Rainbow Crate on Instagram.

I’ll be back with more exciting news soon! For now, it’s time to go prepare the tour.

Love, dragons, cupcakes, and swords,


Projects by Friends

More awesome dragons from Atthis Arts!


Another cute dragon project from The Dragon of Ynys publisher Atthis Arts is approaching with an impressive beating of wings! Check out a sample of the beautiful art that will be found inside the illustrated book Alia Terra – Stories from the Dragon Realm on this Kickstarter page! The stories (in English and Romanian) are written by my good friend Ava Kelly, illustrated by the incredibly talented Matthew Spencer, and edited by the wonderful E.D.E. Bell. More info about all of them can be found under the “Our Team” banner on the Kickstarter page.

What else you’ll find there? A clip where you can hear Ava talking with subtitles in 13 languages (yes, there’s also Dutch – you may want to put it on full screen to see all the languages in the subtitle menu), info on the book and on the rewards that you can add to your own dragon hoard, and of course a chance to actually make this magical project happen by pre-ordering your own copy. Please check it out and consider supporting them! And if you can’t, it would be appreciated very much if you spread the word.



the dragon of ynys

Tomorrow’s Reading


Just dropping a quick note about the Reading in Ferndale Library, which I talked about in my previous blog post. It’s tomorrow, at 12:00 EDT/18:00 CEST (click here to see what time this is for you).

The Zoom link is now available, so I can tell you the reading will take place on this address! And for more info, I will once again refer to the Facebook event.

See you tomorrow, if you can make it!

Edit: This event is now over, so I have removed the links.

the dragon of ynys

Reading in Ferndale Library


Back in March, when I talked about donating the proceeds for The Dragon of Ynys to Ferndale Pride, I mentioned that there would be an author reading in May, co-hosted by Ferndale Library. That event is happening next Thursday, May 20!

It will, of course, be an online event – I’m still waiting impatiently for that teleportation technology for quick hops from Belgium to Ferndale, Michigan. Fortunately, we can have just as much fun online. I’ll be reading from The Dragon of Ynys, and then I’ll be answering questions from readers. You can find all the info about the event on the Facebook page: click here. The Zoom link will be found there on the day before the reading, and the event itself starts at noon Ferndale time (18:00 Belgian time – in other words, 12 EDT/18 CEST).

See you there!


the dragon of ynys

Rainbow Space Recording


A quick note to say that you can find the Rainbow Space Magic reading with Elle E. Ire, Ava Kelly and me on YouTube! You can also watch the rest of the panels and readings here.

If this gets you in the mood to attend a virtual con live, you can now sign up for IQARUS, which takes place on May 8-9! This book con is named “International Queer Authors and Readers Uniting Stories” and you can see the guests listed here. (I won’t be speaking at the con myself, but I’ll definitely be there to listen!)

Also, the Ferndale Pride Promo for The Dragon of Ynys was prolonged all through March. If you buy a copy of my novella through the publisher’s website, all proceeds will be donated to Ferndale Pride. So you’ll get a queer story in paperback AND ebook format, AND support charity at the same time. Awesome, right? This will also earn you an invitation for my author event on May 20. Come celebrate with us!



the dragon of ynys

Rainbow Space Magic virtual con


Next weekend, March 12-14, 2021, the second edition of Rainbow Space Magic Virtual Con is taking place!

The con is starting with a series of free workshops on Friday, March 12, and will then continue with different interesting panels and exciting readings by LGBTQIA+ authors. You can see the full schedule here!

Everything is free to attend; you just need to register as a participant on this page.

This is the very first con I’m attending as an author! I’ll be doing a reading on Saturday, March 13, at 11 AM ET. (For my local friends: that’s 17:00 in my time zone in Belgium!)

Ava Kelly and I are sharing a reading slot to read a short fragment from each other’s dragon books: Havesskadi and The Dragon of Ynys. You may have read more about these two stories, which were written at the same time, in my blog post about our recent short story Lost in Ynys.

We look forward to having fun with each other’s texts and hope to see you there! You’ll have the possibility to send us questions after the reading.

Rainbow Space Magic also supports a number of charities, which are listed here.

And speaking of charity, the Ferndale Pride Promo for The Dragon of Ynys has been extended all through March! So if you buy my novella directly from Atthis Arts this month, you know that all proceeds are going to a good cause. Please spread the word!

Thank you and lots of love,


the dragon of ynys

Ferndale Pride Promo


From March 1 (today!) until March 14, all proceeds for The Dragon of Ynys are going to Ferndale Pride when you buy the paperback (and included ebook) via the Atthis Arts website.

Atthis Arts is located in Ferndale, close to Detroit, Michigan. As a local publisher, they are proud to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and to promote the charities this Pride organisation supports in turn. I’m honoured and happy to let The Dragon of Ynys, with its queer cast of characters and message of acceptance, help out!

Grab your copy of the book here or get one as a gift for a friend!

If you already have your copies, you can also donate directly to Ferndale Pride via this link. Please spread the word if you can!

Ferndale Pride is set to take place on Saturday, October 2, 2021. You can find all information about the event on this website.

As part of the promotion, everyone who orders The Dragon of Ynys via Atthis Arts during these two weeks will be invited to an author reading, where you can hear me stumble over my words do my best dragon voice, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. It’ll be fun! We’re still deciding on a date for this event, so more information will follow later, but it’ll probably be sometime in May. The event is co-hosted by the Ferndale Library.

Mind that only the proceeds from book sales directly via the Atthis Arts website will be donated; sales via other book shops or retail sites like Amazon are not part of this promotion.

More information on The Dragon of Ynys, as always, can be found here.

Happy Pride!

P.S. More awesome news: the ebook of The Dragon of Ynys is going to be part of the Rainbow Crate Book Box this month! AND they’re going to have a fandom item in their April book box… Exciting times!!!

P.P.S. If you want to hear me read earlier than May, you can join my reading on the Rainbow Space Magic virtual con on Saturday, March 13. Ava Kelly and I are sharing a reading slot to read from each other’s dragon book at 10:00 AM CT/17:00 CET. Register here to participate! We hope to see you there.