Unburied Fables

Unburied Fables
(October 2016, Creative Aces): AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreadsThe StoryGraph

This anthology of queer fairy tale retellings contains my short story Match Sticks along with 14 other stories! There are retellings of Beauty and the Beast, Rumpelstiltskin, Peter Pan, and many other favourites. It’s available both in paperback and as an ebook.

Match Sticks is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Match Girl in which the girl doesn’t die, but is found by a witch who enchants her match sticks to point people to their true love.

Unburied Fables enlisted talent around the world. From students to seasoned professionals, these writers came together to raise awareness and reinvent classic stories. While they showcase a wide variety of origins, styles, and endings, all the tales in thisanthology have one classic element in common: a happily ever after.

Fifty percent of this collection’s proceeds will be donated to the Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual and other queer youth.

Cover by Rose Sinclair.

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