The Dragon of Ynys

The Dragon of Ynys (May 2018, LT3 Press) is my debut novella, available as an ebook at:

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and you can add it on Goodreads.

The Dragon of Ynys is a fairy tale suitable for all ages. The aromantic and asexual main character is accompanied by a trans lesbian looking for her wife, and a dragon. There are no explicit scenes.

Every time something goes missing from the village, Sir Violet makes his way to the dragon’s cave and negotiates the item’s return. It’s annoying, but at least the dragon is polite.

But when the dragon steals a person, that’s a step too far. As Sir Violet ventures out to get the missing baker back, however, he quickly realizes things are not at all what they seem…


The Dragon of Ynys made the Long List of the 2018 Tiptree Award.

Content Warnings

Spiders, avalanche off-page, trans-antagonism (addressed on page), flirting at an aro/ace person (a very small scene, and addressed on page).

Please be safe. I wrote The Dragon of Ynys with the intention of making it a feel-good story about acceptance. At any time, the message I want to send is that things will get better, even if they’re far from perfect at first. However, although I passed this novella by trans and non-binary sensitivity readers, a reviewer told me they were hurt by the way I portrayed trans people. The last I want is to hurt anyone with my stories, so I will keep their feedback in mind for the future. For now I feel all I can do is warning my readers to step away if they feel this book might be unsafe for them.

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