The Dragon of Ynys

The Dragon of Ynys (September 2020, Atthis Arts) is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format.

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The Dragon of Ynys is also available as an audiobook now!

Voice actor Ryan H. Reid has given every character their own unique voice and I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out.

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The audiobook was funded through this Kickstarter. It can also be added to your shelves on Goodreads (I will update this link once there is one specifically for the audiobook edition) and The Storygraph.


Every time something goes missing from the village, Sir Violet, the local knight, makes his way to the dragon’s cave and negotiates the item’s return. It’s annoying, but at least the dragon is polite.

But when the dragon hoards a person, that’s a step too far. Sir Violet storms off to the mountainside to escort the baker home, only to find a more complex mystery—a quest that leads him far beyond the cave. Accompanied by the missing baker’s wife and the dragon himself, the dutiful village knight embarks on his greatest adventure yet.

The Dragon of Ynys is an inclusive fairy tale for all ages.


The Dragon of Ynys is friendly to queer audiences across LGBTQIA+. The main character is aromantic and asexual (own voices); supporting characters are lesbian and trans.


The Dragon of Ynys is my debut novella.

The 2018 edition was published by Less Than Three Press and available as an ebook from May 16, 2018 until July 31, 2019, when LT3 Press stopped all activity as a publishing house.

Some sensitivity issues were identified in the 2018 edition, which the author and a new publication team strove to resolve for this 2020 edition with a team of editors and sensitivity readers. This resulted in a completely revised version of the book with a new epilogue and afterword by the author.


The 2018 edition of The Dragon of Ynys made the Long List of the 2018 Otherwise Award (then known as Tiptree Award).


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Content Notes

This fairy tale contains instances of trans-antagonism and flirting to an aro ace character. Both are addressed on-page and resolved. The dragon conducts off-page, non-violent theft. The book contains visuals of spiders and an off-page avalanche.


Descripton: This image shows the front cover to The Dragon of Ynys. The title is written across the centre top half in a fairy tale script over a grainy pastel background of a pink sky and a peach sun, above whimsical mountains in tones of pink, lavender, and grey. A striking black dragon with elegant curves to his body and purple tones to his upwardly extended webbed wings walks forward, as two much smaller humans follow. The first is taller, with longer hair, and wearing a dress or skirt. The second is shorter, with a blockier look. The author’s name: Minerva Cerridwen is written across the bottom in the same font as the title.

Cover by Ulla Thynell (websiteInstagram).

The Dragon of Ynys book and ebook preview

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