Space Opera Libretti

Space Opera Libretti: An Anthology of Modern Comedic Space Opera with Arias (January 2020):

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The book is available on Kindle and in paperback.

Space Opera Libretti, edited by Jennifer Lee Rossman and Brian McNett, contains 20 science fiction short stories. Space operas: even literally! One of these musical stories is Stars from the Stars. Simon is a siren who lives alone on a rock in space, until he’s picked up by the Stars from the Stars ship to compete in the universally beloved talent show. Even though he’s completely confident in his abilities, he might learn a thing or two on the way…

My story is inspired by shows like America’s Got Talent… in space!

Read my promo interview on Jennifer Lee Rossman’s blog here.

The problem with space opera is that there’s not enough opera in it, and certainly a dearth of coloratura diva sopranos in the third act. This anthology sets out to fix that by placing the music front-and-center. We’ve created a glittery disco-ball of fun. 20 stories designed to amuse. Some actually take place in space. There’s even an actual opera in here. We didn’t hold back. Time-traveling cats that quote opera… Intergalactic singing competitions… An endless song that becomes the soundtrack to countless generations of rebellions… And, of course, invisible space bears made of black holes that may or may not be extinct.

Cover art by Ivori Blake.

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