Gay Apparel

Gay Apparel: A Queer Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology (2019)

Gay Apparel: A Queer Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology (December 2019) is a charity project that collected 24 stories from all over the world. It can be read as a fun advent calendar with one story every day running up to Christmas, or all at once to bring you fully in the holiday mood. Includes contemporary and historical romance, space epic, weird western, post-apocalypse, gay, lesbian, trans, ace, neurodivergent, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Years, and some new holidays, too.

My story Invite a Creature is about finding the perfect gift for your asexual partner and about a special project at the local animal shelter. No Christmas trees were harmed in the writing of this story…

Gay Apparel is not being sold at any of the traditional places. Instead, you can get it through the authors themselves, in epub, pdf or mobi format, after sending proof that you have made a donation to the charity of their choice or after donating to the author.

How to get a copy from me?

Please send an email to minervacerridwen at gmail dot com with subject “Gay Apparel”. Show me proof that you have made a recent donation to an LGBTQIA-supporting charity of your choice. By recent, I mean less than a week before the email. (Don’t fret if it’s been 8 days; I just mean to avoid emails going “I donated once in 2009 so I have earned a copy”. Well done, but no.)

Also tell me if you prefer epub, pdf or mobi.

If you can’t donate (e.g. because you need a credit card but you don’t have one, or you don’t know any suitable charities, or any other kind of reason) but you still want a copy, please contact me anyway so that we can find a solution together.

You can add Gay Apparel on Goodreads here and on The StoryGraph here.

There’s also a Twitter hashtag where you can see people talking about the stories and where you can find where to donate if you’d prefer to get your copy from another author: #GayApparelStories. Feel free to use it when you talk about the book and join the fun!

List of Gay Apparel authors: Rachel Sharp, Rose Sinclair, Caitlin Greer, Ashe Armstrong, Amy Michelle, Anna Kensing, Ether Nepenthes, Minerva Cerridwen, Adam P. Knave, Kari Dru, Mara Lynn Johnstone, H.E. Grahame, Jeannelle M. Ferreira, Xan West, Jaz Twersky, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Ava Kelly, Zoe Brook, L.S. Reinholt, Claire Monserrat Jackson, Iris Sword, Nicole Field, John Lopez, Carl Lavigne.

Big thanks to Rachel Sharp for coming up with the idea and editing all the stories! The cosy cover was made by Rose Sinclair.

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