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Beeld Express - small

Untitled poem ‘Bij plaatjes horen praatjes’
(January 2017, Beeld Express)

This poem, inspired by a photo, is my only publication in Dutch so far.

Click here to read it!
(description both in English and Dutch)

Para - website banner

Click here for more info about Paranatellonta, a photography and flash fiction project.
(all in English)

The Girl Who Didn't Exist - website banner

Click here to read the free short story The Girl Who Didn’t Exist.
November 2015
(all in English)

"Lost in Ynys" by Ava Kelly & Minerva Cerridwen

Click here to read the free short story Lost in Ynys, co-written with Ava Kelly, a crossover of the universes of Havesskadi and The Dragon of Ynys.
February 2021
(all in English)

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