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Love & Bubbles is out now!

Since last Thursday, Love & Bubbles is out in the wild!! I couldn’t post this on the day itself because I was having an awesome time in London – Hamilton was great! And I even found the courage to tell the people at the Gay’s the Word bookshop that Love & Bubbles was coming out. *proud*

Anyway, now you can buy this collection of queer underwater love stories on Gumroad, or (and the other Amazons worldwide, of course). At the moment I’m typing, the paperbacks haven’t been listed on Amazon yet, but they should be up soon and they’ll be available through the same links. So if you don’t see the physical books listed yet, return to the page in a couple of days and you should be able to order your copy (shipping cost-free in many countries)!

I hope you’ll enjoy the anthology!

Remember, aside from buying the book, the best way to support projects like this is by leaving reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, so more people will hear about its existence. Thank you!

love & bubbles

Cover reveal: Love & Bubbles!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I made a blog post (oops), but now I’ve got awesome news: the Love & Bubbles anthology is coming out this Thursday, October 18!!! It contains my story, “Summoned”, about a water demon and a merman, and what I’ve read of the other stories so far was great too!

You can still preorder it here, but for my European friends who want a physical copy it might be wise to wait until after Thursday, so you can order via Amazon and won’t have to pay high shipping costs. I’ll post the buying links next weekend, when I’m back from London to see Hamilton (the musical) 😀

The book cover was also revealed this weekend! It was designed by Kyra J. Wolff and I think it looks awesome.

Love and Bubbles 450 px wide

The official cover reveal was done on the following blogs – check them out!

Barely a Blogger

Zigzag Timeline

Mehek Writes

Small Queer, Big Opinions

That’s all for now – see you after release day!


Five Years of Paranatellonta!

In 2013, Fie and I started a new project. Fie wanted a good reason to take more pictures and I wanted to find more writing inspiration, and then Fie discovered Erin Morgenstern’s Flax-golden Tales. This was a wonderful idea: one photo every week, to inspire a ten-sentence story. We decided to try it out and see how long we’d keep it up.

Five years later, we’re still going strong! Granted, after 221 stories we’ve lowered the frequency to one Para edition every 2 weeks, as Real Life – and Real Publications! – began to take up too much of our time. But it’s still a pleasure to discover a new picture every time and see in which direction imagination will take its story.

To celebrate that pleasure, we’ve got a special edition for you. Fie and I are joined by author and photographer Ava Kelly.

Ava’s publication history began over two decades ago. Starting with poetry and flash fiction, Ava has gradually moved toward lengthier works, but often returns to shorter stories. Beyond storytelling, they are an artist specializing in conceptual photography. Ava has had various live VJ performances, several art shows, and their words have been immortalized as song lyrics.

Check out the result of our collaboration!

The Firevault


You can also read and watch all previous editions of Paranatellonta for free here. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


love & bubbles

Love & Bubbles Preorders!!!

Yes yes yesss! You can now preorder Love & Bubbles! It’s available both in paperback and ebook format. In the Gumroad shop you can also find some awesome Love & Bubbles-themed t-shirts and Jaylee James’ previous anthology, Circuits & Slippers. There’s only one of the cross-stitch artworks by Jennifer Lee Rossman left at the moment I’m typing this, so be fast if you want that!

Get ready to dive into romance with these thirteen stories of queer love under the sea!

Love & Bubbles is a short fiction anthology of love stories united by an underwater theme and featuring characters from across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

In these pages you’ll go on a deep-sea voyage to study a brand-new species alongside a cute, distracted scientist. Discover your magic with a water witch and the help of a cute mermaid. Explore the waters of an alien ocean. Get summoned to the surface with a grumpy old merman and his non-binary water demon neighbor. Swim with a catfish goddess, rescue a dolphin… and so much more!

That line up there about the grumpy old merman and the water demon? That’s my story, Summoned!

You can add Love & Bubbles on Goodreads here. On Amazon it won’t appear before the actual release date in September 2018 – just so you know not to go looking there yet. Preorders will be exclusive on Gumroad.

To those who have backed the original Kickstarter: you should have received an update email with a code for a 10% discount to thank you for supporting us from the very beginning.

To everyone else: thank you for your interest in this anthology! I’m very excited about it!

And if you are a book blogger, instagrammer, or youtuber, and want to participate in a cover reveal, author interview, or receive an ARC, please email!

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Interview: Minerva Cerridwen

I did an interview for Asexual Artists. Many thanks to Lauren Jankowski for featuring me!

Asexual Artists

Today we’re joined by Minerva Cerridwen. Minerva is a phenomenal SFF author and visual artist. For writing, she has a story published in Unburied Fables and recently released her novella, The Dragon of Ynys (which features an aro-ace main character). Visual art is more of a hobby for her, though she does do commissions. Minerva does handlettering and draws, using traditional mediums such as pencils and ink. It’s clear she’s a very passionate and dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.

01 Bianca (own character) - pencil - 2017Bianca (own character)


Please, tell us about your art.

I’ve always loved writing, and to my great joy I can call myself a published author these days. I mainly write fantasy and science fiction and sometimes dabble in poetry and horror. So far I’ve got a short story in the queer fairy tale anthology Unburied Fables

View original post 1,842 more words

darkling's beasts and brews, the dragon of ynys

An Interview with Snap


A new character interview was published today, this time with Snap, the dragon of Ynys himself! You can read it here:

I also realise I haven’t shown off my absolutely awesome phone cover yet, here on the blog. And a friend made this brilliant keychain for me! My eternal thanks to her, and of course to Kirby Crow for the design of The Dragon of Ynys‘ cover.

Phone cover 040618-1And some not-Dragon-related news:

The publication of Darkling’s Beasts and Brews: Poetry with a Drink on the Side is expected in October 2018, ready to provide some Halloween goodness. You can find its cover and table of contents here on Facebook.

I also rearranged my website a little, mainly making the Stories page a lot neater than it was. Have a look around and let me know what you think!

The Dragon of Ynys is now available at:

Less Than Three Press (Publisher; 20% off in June for Pride month!) | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo | Amazon (US) | Amazon (Canada) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (De)

and you can add it on Goodreads.

the dragon of ynys

Blog Tour Links

As promised, you can find all the direct links to the blog tour posts about The Dragon of Ynys below!

Review via Let’s Fox About It:
(Coming soon, from the same blogger: there will be a character interview with Snap at; I’ll make a separate post for this once it’s published. Thanks, Ceillie!)

Review via Barely a Blogger:

Review via Jennifer Lee Rossman:

Review & interview via Crimson Talks Books, Mostly:

Review via Ava Kelly:

Character interview via Archer Kay Leah:

YouTube interview via Amphibian Press:
(That’s right, you can see me babble in English for 30 minutes. I wasn’t nervous at all… *ahem*)

A very big thank you to all of these bloggers! If you have the time, be sure to check out the rest of the websites and channel of these awesome people as well.

I’d also like to thank everyone who’s been writing reviews outside of the blog tour! In the past week I’ve gotten the question whether it’s important to buy the book from one specific retailer in order to get its sales numbers up, and as far as I know, that’s not important at all. But something that does help massively is to leave reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon (even if you didn’t buy the book there). Books with more than 50 reviews (that’s text reviews, not just the star ratings on Goodreads) get promoted more on those websites. So if you’ve read the book, I really appreciate it if you post a review! It doesn’t have to be long at all, as long as there are some words 😉

With that, the blog tour is officially over and my book is really out there in the world. I hope many people will enjoy the story. To my great joy, the reactions have been great so far, and someone even made a calligraphy artwork inspired by The Dragon! Things like that are, in my opinion, the greatest honour an author can get. ❤

The Dragon of Ynys is now available at:

Less Than Three Press (Publisher) | Amazon (US) | Amazon (Canada) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (De) | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo | Bookstrand |

and you can add it on Goodreads.